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Trap #3 of New Year’s Resolutions: Inconsistency

New Year's resolution: Consistency and solid habits

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Take the example of a digital detox, a goal many set to reduce their screen time. You decide to spend less time on your phone and in front of the screen for a month. But just after a week, you find yourself again deep in the depths of the Internet, far from your resolution to take a digital break. This scenario is typical of what I observe in my practice as a Life Potential Coach: the trap of inconsistent implementation of New Year's resolutions.

Many of my patients start with the goal of reducing their digital life, full of motivation. But like a firework that shines brightly and then fades, they quickly lose their initial enthusiasm. A patient, whom we'll call Jonas, wanted to reduce his online time. Initially, he set limits, but after a few days, he fell back into old patterns. The reason? He didn't make the change into a steady habit.

A digital detox is a goal many set to reduce their screen time. Katharina, a participant in such an experiment, decided to forgo tech devices like smartphones, tablets, and TV for a week. She experienced how this decision affected her life. Over the years, she had developed the habit of constantly being glued to her smartphone, often accompanied by using a tablet and TV.

Katharina realized she urgently needed to detox to free her body from these harmful influences. During her detox, she felt surprisingly awake and satisfied, completing everyday tasks without the distraction of her smartphone. On her way to work, she consciously refrained from using her phone on the bus and train, instead choosing to look out the window, think, or read a book.

In the evenings, without the usual distraction of TV and phone, Katharina noticed she became calmer, though initially, she felt she was missing out on something. After the week of digital detox, she felt more relaxed and less nervous, demonstrating how important it is to take breaks from the digital world.

The lesson here is clear: consistency is key. It's not just about having a resolution but turning it into a steady habit. Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

For a New Year's resolution like a digital detox, this means consistently integrating it into daily life. Whether it's reducing online time or cultivating a new hobby, your daily commitment decides your success.

Life can be hectic and sometimes distract us, but here lies your chance to surpass yourself. Set small, achievable goals and build upon them. Each small success is a step towards the larger goal.

Every day you follow your resolution brings you closer to your goal. Be patient and forgiving with yourself. Change takes time, but with consistency and commitment, you will be amazed at what is possible.

Let's overcome the third trap of New Year's Resolutions and take this journey together. Day by day, step by step, towards your dreams. Your goals are more than just wishes - they can become your reality.


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