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Rebalancing Massage

Find your way out of pain with our 10-session Rebalancing package.

This package is a unique treatment that helps you return your body to its natural state of well-being, joy, and vitality.

The 10-session plan supports you in developing a deeper understanding of your life, discovering your inner talents and abilities, and getting your life moving forward.

Through the continuity of treatment, we can address your individual past, personal needs, and challenges, as well as your current life situation and physical well-being.

Bodymind Therapy-Enrico Fonte-Berlin-Massage Therapy
Bodymind Therapy


Bodymind Rebalancing is a consciously oriented bodywork that can help you regain lightness and harmony. Tensions, stress, and toxins in the body and mind are released. When the body releases muscular tension and the nervous system relaxes, more fresh energy can be liberated. This gives you more energy for a more spontaneous, loving, and meaningful life.

Bodymind Therapy


The Bodymind Rebalancing package is for you if you:

  • live in Berlin

  • want to dive deep into the insights of your own body and emotions
  • Want to get rid of physical and emotional tension and stress

Bodymind Therapy


Bodymind Rebalancing works with a unique blend of deep and soft manipulation of connective tissue.


We use various techniques including: Psychosomatic Massage, Joint Release, Breathwork and Energy Work, Myofascial Meridian Stretch and Deep Tissue Manipulation and Body Awareness.


The intensive package includes:

  • 10 sessions – one session per week lasting 90 minutes. The offer is valid for a period of 3 months (14 weeks, non-extendable).

  • "Rebalancing Study-Book: Find your way to yourself" to print out.

  • Money-back guarantee (€800) in case of dissatisfaction (applies only after the first session)

PRICE: 999 €

  • A free initial consultation is required for the first booking or session.

  • The program is open in two seasons: from January to April and from September to December.

  • Payment in installments is possible with PayPal.

Bodymind Therapy
Enrico took me under his wing. Diagnosis, analysis, timetable. And: It helps. 15 kg lost, diet changed, I significantly eat less (inflammatory) meat. Well motivated thanks to his mental support. My body and muscles are soft again. [...] My knees are still defective and the osteoarthritis will not heal either. But: I can walk pain-free again, even go for a longer walks. And I postponed the surgery for now, maybe for longer! Read more
Psychosomatic Massage

Psychosomatic massage has numerous positive effects on physical, energetic, and emotional sensations. Among other things, it helps to release physical tensions, emotional and psychosomatic blockages and promotes a positive experience of one's own body.


With it, you can feel, express and leave behind everyday thoughts, fears, pains, and stresses in a safe space. This way, you can immerse yourself in a feeling of freedom, relaxation, mobility, inner peace, and joy in life.

Bodymind Therapy


The goal is to help the body return to its natural balance and to balance the following aspects: tension/relaxation, giving/receiving, sensing/thinking, inhaling/exhaling, horizontal/vertical, left/right, activity/passivity, and material/spiritual, in order to achieve a new and healthy balance.​


Bodymind Therapy


Psychosomatic Massage is for you if you:

  • are in Berlin.

  • strive to free yourself from physical and emotional burdens.
  • want to consciously engage with your body and your emotions

Bodymind Therapy


Psychosomatic massage involves a synthesis of various body therapies such as Rolfing, deep muscle and connective tissue massage, breathwork, Ayurvedic and Thai yoga massage techniques, fascia and joint mobilization, craniosacral and bioenergetic bodywork, and tantric meditation.

Bodymind Rebalancing
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