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Francisca Ruff
Visual Designer & Manager of Bodymind Studio Xberg

Hi, I'm Francisca – the creative force behind Bodymind Studio. As the manager and visual designer of our space, I bring a unique perspective to everything we do and I strive to make Bodymind Studio a place where everyone can feel welcome.


My drive and relentless thirst for self-knowledge led me to cross paths with Enrico Fonte in 2018, with whom I share a passion for personal growth and mindfulness.


I believe that the path to self-discovery is unique to each individual, and for me, that path has been through the body. Besides being a visual designer, I'm a trainer in Budokon Yoga & Mobility and a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner. Both practices have taught me that the body is not just a physical vessel but a powerful gateway to the mind and spirit.

My work as a visual designer:

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