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Aum meditation


For the strengthening of willpower, energy and concentration.

The meditation does not pursue a commercial, therapeutic, political or religious purpose.


Instructions on Youtube (in german)

Instructions as PDF (english)

Early Online Meditation

Meditate with us from Monday to Friday at 06:20 am Berlin time.
Duration 30 to 40 minutes

Either live on Facebook or on our Youtube channel.

How much does it cost
Nothing! Participation is free of charge and possible without prior registration.

Walking meditation

Walking meditation comes from Zen Buddhism and was popularized by Thich Naht Than. Since our body also needs cardio exercise, later we can move from walking meditation to running meditation.


The aim of walking meditation is our self-awareness. The best way to do this is to focus on our breathing and body. We welcome every thought and allow it to go right away.

It helps if we leave anything that might distract us at home. And it's best to start with small steps – 20 minutes at the beginning is sufficient. We always try to do the walking meditation at the same time, in the same place and if possible every day.

We invite you to the daily walking and running meditation!

Instructions as PDF

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