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Aum meditation


For the strengthening of willpower, energy and concentration.

The meditation does not pursue a commercial, therapeutic, political or religious purpose.


Chanting mantra "om gam ganapataye namaha" and AUM.

Instructions on Youtube (in german)

Instructions as PDF (english)


From Monday to Friday. 
Starts at 06:20 Berlin/Rome time.
Duration 30 to 40 minutes

Either live on Facebook or on our Youtube channel.

How much does it cost
Nothing! Participation is free of charge and possible without prior registration.

Live Chanting, Silent and AUM Meditation


Learn to meditate online for free. Webinar in German.

First Tuesday of the month, 17:00 hrs. 

Bodymind Therapy

Why meditate

Meditation is considered an effective relaxation technique that brings body and mind into harmony.

Regular meditation should, among other things:

  • helps to “switch off” - relaxed

  • leads to more serenity

  • reinforces positive feelings

  • lowers blood pressure & Risk of heart attack

  • reduces stress

  • improves sleep

  • promotes concentration

  • relieves pain

  • helps with mild depression and listlessness

Bodymind Therapy

Who is meditation suitable for?

With a few exceptions, meditation is recommended for everyone. Many people meditate unconsciously by "immersing themselves" in a particular thought, sensation or activity.

Who shouldn't meditate?

Meditation is not recommended for:

  • severe depression

  • psychoses

  • certain types of epilepsy

  • tendency to hypochondria


Bodymind Therapy

How it works, what we offer


  • Information for beginners and those returning to work with lots of practical tips.

  • Posture correction and breathing and voice training

  • Well-founded practical meditation introduction by experienced. Meditation teachers and therapists.

  • Guided meditations and scientific studies (video, texts).

  • Space for individual questions and difficulties.

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