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Bodymind Therapy
"The most important investment you can make is to invest in yourself. The only way to improve your life is to change yourself." – B. Tracy –

Recommended frequency

Body Psychotherapy: min. 2x/month

Psychotherapy / Coaching: 1x/week

Massage: As often as you need ​​

Massage From Woman to Woman

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First consultation online (30 min): free of charge

Required for the first session of Body Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy Online, and Rebalancing Massage.  In the initial consultation, we will discuss together whether bodymind therapy is suitable for you and which therapy approaches are best for you. The initial consultation is free of charge and not binding for you. If you are still interested in treatment afterwards, we can arrange further appointments.


per month

60 mins

90 mins

120 mins













Couples, poly and groups: plus €80 per person

Bodymind Rebalancing Package: €999 instead of: €1300 

Massage From Woman to Woman: Prices & Booking

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Before you book an appointment, please read our booking conditions treatments.


Buche Deinen Termin



Booking your Appointment

Appointments must be made online, and payment is required in advance. Upon receipt, your appointment will be confirmed via Email.

For those who book online, we'll create a personalized account for you when making the first booking - this grants access to track appointments, reschedule them as well as cancel anytime.

To access your account, simply click on the gold circle with your name initials in the top right corner of our website.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

No-shows or last-minute cancellations less than 48 hours in advance will not be refunded.


Bodymind Therapy does not replace any necessary medical or psychiatric treatment, but can accompany, support, and supplement it, ideally in cooperation with the doctor or therapist treating you.

Bodymind Therapy only offers professional/mobile non-erotic treatments.



Therapeutic work should not be viewed as work, but as a form of love and compassion in action. Therefore, like all feelings and actions based on emotional principles, it is basically unconditional, not for sale and priceless.

Helping one another should be a normal, everyday act of solidarity in a healthy society and should not add value.

I would like to choose alternatives, but they are simply not compatible with the current socio-political situation. However, I would like to propose two alternatives:  

1. Exchange: In principle, I am open and approachable.


2. The creation of universal basic income:  

For this I would ask you to spread this idea in your area and to sign this petition: Signature campaign for basic income

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