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The Bodymind System


The Bodymind System combines psychotherapy and coaching and is based on three central pillars. It is offered specifically for people in Berlin and online. Depending on where you are on your personal inner journey and what needs you have, these pillars can be treated flexibly and independently of each other.

For each of the three pillars, we provide instructions and exercises that will help you get closer to your goal and support your individual journey of discovery. These exercises are designed to improve your awareness as well as your communication skills with yourself, others, and your environment.

** Find the password for the PDF exercises in our E-Guide. Download HERE.

Happy Little Girl


Self-love & Self-esteem

Transformation through Self-Love and Self-Esteem is an inspiring therapy and course guide that helps you build a deeper connection with yourself. By strengthening your self-love and self-esteem, you lay the foundation for a more loving and happier life.

In group or individual sessions, we focus on the first pillar of the Bodymind system: simply being happy through more self-love and self-esteem. The focus is on the relationship with yourself. Self-love is crucial to achieving true satisfaction and leading successful relationships. To love yourself, you must first get to know yourself.

During this inner journey, you learn to observe yourself intensively to recognize and understand your conscious and unconscious parts, beliefs, mistakes, strengths, and resources. You are encouraged to delve deep into your inner world to create significant changes in your outer world.


How to master changes in your life

Tutorial (de)

Motivation: How to get started and keep going

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 0.0

Bodymind Contract: Commitment to your own goals

Exercise 0.1


Basics of self-love

​​ 01   How self-love works

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.1

​​ 02   Do you constantly sabotage yourself?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.2



​​ 09   Peace with the past

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.9

​​ 10   How to build healthy self-confidence

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.10

​​ 11   Recipe for unhappiness

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.11

​​ 12   Easily identify negative beliefs

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.12

​​ 13   Embrace the dark side within you

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.13

​​ 14   Turning self-doubt into self-worth

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.14


Inner child

​​ 03   Don't you know your 'inner child'?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.3

​​ 04   Don't let the 'inner critic' remain silent!

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.4

​​ 05   Dissolve the ego? (Nonsense!)

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.5

​​ 06   Become who you really are!

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.6

​​ 07   Do you feel like a bad person?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.7

​​ 08   To be happy, but how?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.8


Inner peace

​​ 15   How your 'Inner Child' makes you codependent

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.15

​​ 16   ​Break free from the victim role

Tutorial (de) Exercise 1.16

​​ 17   Aggressive versus passive communication

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.17

​​ 18   Are your feelings a trap? Can you really trust them?

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.18

​​ 19   Get rid of shame and guilt

Tutorial (de) / Übung 1.19

​​ 20   How to end inner conflicts

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 1.20

Bodymind Therapy


Love & Sexuality
Relationship Coaching

Resolving conflicts and being authentic for a fulfilled love and sexual life is a compassionate therapy and course offering that focuses on developing happier love and relationships.


In this program, we delve into the art of loving and deep connection with others. By first building on self-love and self-worth (1st pillar), we help you explore your true feelings, needs, desires, fantasies, and identity with others. The goal is to get to know yourself better in different roles - as a sexual being, friend, lover, and partner - and effectively communicate who you are and what you need in the relationship.

The offer is for anyone who is having difficulties in their relationships, whether it's through toxic dynamics, conflicts in partnerships, or insecurities in choosing the form of the relationship. In a trusting and supportive environment, Enrico provides a safe space for singles, couples, and people in polyamorous constellations to recognize relationship patterns together or individually and bring about positive changes in their sexual and love lives.

The course includes various exercises and techniques aimed at improving awareness and communication between participants and their partners or potential partners. We encourage you to speak openly and honestly about your needs and expectations to build a deeper, more fulfilling connection in your relationships.

​​ 01   How ideal is my relationship?

Tutorial (de) / Exercise 01

​​ 02   Which type of relationship suits me?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 02

​​ 03   Cheating and how to avoid breaches of trust

Tutorial (de) Exercise 03

​​ 04   What does male and female even mean?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 04

​​ 05   How much power play is there in your relationship?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 05

​​ 06   Relationship conflicts: how to avoid and resolve them

Tutorial (de) Exercise 06

 07   The 2 most common sex killers in a partnership

Tutorial (de) Exercise 07

​​ 08   Break free from emotional slavery

Tutorial (de) Exercise 08

​​ 09   Triangulation: A game of emotional manipulation

Tutorial (de) Exercise 09

​​ 10   Autonomy and commitment in relationships

Tutorial (de) Exercise 10

​​ 11   Why I feel suddenly less loved?

Tutorial (de) Exercise 11

​​ 12   Finding a win-win solution

Exercise 12

 13   Time-Out and De-Escalation

Exercise 13

Life Potential Coaching
Aspiring Pilot


Meaning & Success
Life Potential Coaching

Unleash new energy, find meaning in life, and implement achievable projects.

Are you experiencing a professional, creative, or existential crisis? We see this as an advantage for you, an exciting breakthrough into the new!

The individual coaching "The Path to Creative Success" as part of Pillar III of the Bodymind System on creativity, meaning, and success deals with how you can create meaningful goals and feasible plans from your unconscious dreams and visions. This is not only about your individual development and self-realization but also about your role in society and your contribution to the world.

Together with Enrico, you work on discovering new meanings, dreams, and goals and pragmatically implementing them to overcome your personal challenges and advance or completely change your career. Life Potential Coaching supports you in optimizing and accelerating your natural growth, gaining new freedom in thinking and acting, and gaining original perspectives. The Bodymind System has been accompanying people for years in using their creativity to benefit everyone and bringing their uniqueness into harmony with the needs of the world.

​​ 01   Shaping the self and the ideal world

Exercise 01

​​ 02   The transformations of dreams into concrete visions

Exercise 02

​​ 03   From visions to 100 desires

Exercise 03

​​ 04   "SMARTer" wishes to achieve your goals

Exercise 04

​​ 05   Goals and life project: How to set priorities?

Exercise 05

 06   From Hero to Zero: On Executive Intelligence

Exercise 06

 07   Discovering the Shadow

Exercise 07

 08   Discovering the Shadow

Exercise 08

 19   Weekly To-Do List

Exercise 19

 20   "Your Mind Can Not Escape Quad"

Exercise 20

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