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Our goals and vision


The purpose of Bodymind Therapy is to help and support people in their lives to unfold their potential of desire, love, and joy in relation to themselves, their fellow human beings, and their environment. 

Our vision is a transformed person!


A person who can responsibly recognize, accept, and express the messages of their body in a perfect way, in the whole range from pain to joy.

A person who can bring their suppressed feelings into consciousness without being dominated by them.


A person who is able to recognize and fulfill his own true needs and those of his fellow human beings, as well as the various demands of his environment.

A person who brings courage, willpower, and creativity to his world, ideally creating a win-win situation for the benefit of all.


Ultimately, a new human being.


Human Evolution Metamovement
– Manifest

What makes us humans happy? Our health? Our personalities? Our relationships? The groups to which we belong? The nature? Our faiths? The well-being of the planet?

Of course all of this, and more, and all must be taken into account in these exciting and complex times if we are to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet.

In modern and still partly present times the answer to all humanity's questions is hyperspecialization and this too has ensured enormous progress. All forms of knowledge, life, society and research have been tremendously enhanced and perfected with marvelous success.

Almost all the necessary knowledge is there, all the technology, all the resources, all the belief systems are there and relatively easily and democratically accessible. So why aren't we all happy, healthy, rich, joyful, social?


The nature of this development is also the answer to the question. Specialization alone also means division, loss of vision, focus on the part and loss of sight of the whole.
If that's all, what's the exciting challenge of our times?

Connect, integrate, include, build networks. In other words, to feel, think and act in a systematic, organic, holistic way. To contribute to this movement of humanity in this direction, the vision of the Human Evolution Metamovement was created.

Human Evolution Metamovement feels like the young nephew and heir of the Human Potential Movement and takes up its concepts, values ​​and techniques and expands and updates them in this new postmodern and digitized era.



Human Evolution Metamovement is an impartial non-profit organization and a self-governing collective of passionate volunteers organized by consensus. Our collective is divided into different groups that deal with different submovements (missions) on a theoretical and/or practical level. The groups move online and offline to network seekers with each other and to combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills.



Our topics deal with personal and social transformation and look at their developments.

They are divided into 5 main themes and many smaller sub-themes and projects (missions). The aim is to link knowledge and action, theorists and pragmatists, thinkers and feelers, and to simplify the participation of our submovements (apart from how they feel and identify at the moment).



In a specific mission for a main theme, experts, managers of relevant projects and people who have information and are or want to be active in the area, meet for constructive dialogue and theoretical and active projects.

Principle of the finger, hand and fist
Individuals are like the fingers of a hand and together they form a fist!
We assume that the individual members (fingers) engaged in a particular mission are also ideologically in agreement and identify with the other main missions and themes of the movement as a whole (hand), even if they are not visibly active. Therefore, it is important for us to share both the "mission consciousness" (sub-movement) on a given project, and to create a "community consciousness" (meta-movement) for the other missions and topics, so that we can act simultaneously and all together when actions of a large number of people and required energy (fist principle).


The 5 hearts of the logo are our main themes and submovement

Health Evolution

Natural and species-specific culture of the body

Knowledge and actions that lead us to a lifestyle suited to our species in harmony with our body, with our physiology, psychology, biology, and with nature. 

Economical Evolution Compassion-oriented economies and institutions

Knowledge and actions for a new paradigm of coexistence based on self-determination, empathy and harmony with nature and the removal from the ideologies of punishment, violence, domination over persons and on nature.

Ecological Evolution Systemic and Sustainable Development

Knowledge and actions that make our children and we adults aware again of the dynamic relationship of humanity with our inner and outer nature and with her and our needs.

Knowledge Evolution Democratization of knowledge and technologies

Knowledge and actions for the democratization of education and for the free circulation of ideas, as well as the transparency and independence of information.

Transpersonal Evolution Self-realization independent of powers

Knowledge and actions for the independence and autonomy of the needs for transcendence and spirituality from certain powers, organizations, and cultures (eg.: religions, parties, states).

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