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Enrico Fonte
Body Psychotherapy, Massage Therapy and Life Potential Coaching

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy 

Expert in psychosomatic pain, existential crises and life transformation


Many of us know how our thoughts and emotions can take a toll on our bodies. The Western world often overlooks the fact that mind and body are interconnected, instead regarding them as separate entities. This is why psychology focuses solely on the mind and doctors on the body.


I created Bodymind Therapy to help people reconnect their bodies, minds, and relationships.


Our childhood experiences shape us not only mentally but also physically. Our beliefs and emotional history are deeply ingrained in our bodies and affect the way we move and breathe. So if the mind can influence the body, shouldn’t it be included in healing?


Bodymind Therapy helps you loosen your armor in body and mind. It supports you in shedding old mental or physical patterns as well as negative beliefs – so you have the freedom to live exactly the life you want.


Find out what drives us – READ HERE!

Education and professional practice


2024  Bodynamic Foundation Training

at Bodynamic International - Somatic Developmental Psychology

2023  Internal Family Systems (IFS) at IIFS-Institut Berlin for Integrative Systemic Therapy with the inner family

2022  Approval to practice Medicine on Psychotherapy at the Berlin Lichtenberg health department (§ 1 HeilprG).

2021  Body Psychotherapy Bioenergetic Techniques at the North German Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis eV (NIBA)

2020  Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy (compact training), at Core Energetics® Berlin Institute for Body Psychotherapy.


2019  Personal Trainer and Mental Coach at Medios-seminars, Berlin.


2018  Sports Therapist and Health Coach at Massage and Wellness Academy, Berlin.


2011 – 2012  Lomi Lomi Nui - Masseur, at Terramedus Academy for Health, Hamburg. Ayurveda practitioner  Swendia® Ayurveda massages, Hamburg.  

2010-2011  Thai Yoga and Thai Foot Reflexology Masseur at The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok - Thailand .

2010-2011  Specialist practitioner for Massage, Wellness & Prevention, PMA certificate (Professional Massage Award, England) and specialist in Wellness Massage and Optimal Aging, PMA certificate  Sports and Wellness Academy Viavita, Berlin.


Since 2015  Body Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Life Potential Coach by Bodymind Therapy Berlin (founder)

Since 2011  Massage therapist at the following hotels:

The Westin Grand Hotel Berlin *****

Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel *****

Steigenberger Hotel Berlin ****

Aspria Berlin Ku'damm **** 

Hilton Berlin Hotel *****

Grand Hyatt Berlin *****

Hollywood Media Berlin Hotel **** 

Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin *****

Liquidrom Spa Berlin

Robinson Club Granada ****

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