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How can Bodymind Therapy help you?


Our body psychotherapeutic treatment is aimed at people who have already tried traditional methods without long-term success.

Our systemic and integral approach is based on four therapeutic methods, which are closely linked and influence each other.

You can think of it as a journey with different stops.

The destination? To become your best self in every area of your life. You can start this journey with any of the following topics.

Do you have different concerns or don't know which therapy is right for you? Arrange your free initial consultation with Enrico.

Bodymind Therapy Berlin - Enrico Fonte - Psychosomatische Massage

In Berlin


Your body holds onto current physical and psychological stresses, as well as old traumas. I'm here to help you gain a better understanding of your body and interpret the signals it sends you through pain or psychosomatic complaints.

Happy Little Girl

In Berlin & Online


If you feel anxious or going through a depressive phase, I'm here for you. I help you to discover your uniqueness and your real needs. Break free from your limiting beliefs and detrimental thought patterns and live as your true self.

Bodymind Therapy Berlin - Enrico Fonte - Paare und Poly-Beziehungen Psychotherapie

In Berlin & Online


Love and sexuality flourish when courage, understanding, active listening, and genuine appreciation are at the center. I can help you resolve conflicts, communicate your needs and boundaries in relationships clearly and lovingly, and protect yourself from toxic relationships.

Bodymind Therapy Berlin - Enrico Fonte - Life Potential Coaching

In Berlin & Online


If you find yourself increasingly asking, "What is my true purpose and calling in life?" you may be at risk for burnout or a sense of meaninglessness. Together we will discover your life's purpose and I will encourage you to pursue your true passions and goals. Let's discover and develop your creative potential together.

Just need relaxation and well-being?   

Check out our selection of Wellness Massages.

Bodymind Therapy
Who is Bodymind Therapy for?

Most people come to me about these topics:

Physical / Psychosomatic

  • Mandibular pain / headache  

  • Neck / back pain

  • Gastrointestinal complaints

  • Abdominal pain

  • Chronic muscle and joint pain

  • Difficulty breathing / trouble sleeping

  • Weakening of the immune system  

  • Libido / cycle disorders

  • Dizziness / lightheadedness

  • Overload / irritability

Emotional / Mental

  • Decreased self-confidence

  • Unstable self-esteem

  • Recurring relationship problems

  • Existential fears and despair

  • Burnout and increased search for meaning

  • Hopelessness and lack of prospects

  • Decreased pleasure and interest

  • Weariness and boredom

  • Circular thoughts, tendency to ruminate

  • Lack of emotional support

Important: Bodymind Therapy does not replace medical or psychiatric treatment, but can accompany, support and supplement it, ideally in cooperation with the treating doctor or therapist.

Focus of my practice


  • Deep massage and relaxation therapy

  • Sports therapy and functional training

  • Yoga and breath therapy


  • Life and relationship coaching

  • Nonviolent Communication / Mediation

  • Systemic and Developmental Psychology "Spiral Dynamics"


  • Core and bioenergetic psychoanalysis

  • Spiritual Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Meditation and Imaginative Therapy

Enrico Fonte - Bodymind Therapy Berlin


Body Psychotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Life Potential Coaching

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (§ 1 HeilprG)

Expert in psychosomatic pain, existential crises, and life transformation

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