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Trap #1 of New Year's Resolutions: Ambiguity

As we approach the end of the year, I'm getting ready with a very special mini-series. Together we're going to look at the four most common pitfalls of New Year's resolutions. Not only will I tell you why they are so often doomed to failure, but I will also give you valuable tips on how to overcome these hurdles and start 2024 full of energy and confidence. Let's get started!

Trap #1: The Fog of Ambiguity

New Year's resolution: The key lies in clarity

Man looking confused at a street pole with signs in all directions.

Every year begins with a spark of hope, bundled up in our New Year's resolutions. But how often do these good intentions come to nothing, lost in a fog of ambiguity? "I want to live healthier" or "I want to be happier" are honorable goals, but without clear contours they often remain just nice thoughts.

As a Life Potential Coach, I have seen how transformative it can be when goals are clear and tangible. Let me tell you about people who have successfully followed this path - people I have been able to accompany as patients.

Let's take Jan. His resolution was to "do more sport". An excellent goal, but it wasn't until we turned it into tangible steps - jogging three times a week for 30 minutes - that Jan started to feel real changes in his life.

And then there's Susanne. She wanted to reduce her alcohol consumption. Instead of a vague "drink less", she set herself a clear goal: "Only at the weekend and a maximum of two glasses". This specific goal gave her the structure and support she needed.

These stories emphasize the importance of goals that are concrete and tangible, goals that touch us emotionally and motivate us.

In my work, I pay close attention to the power of words. "Success," "joy," and "fulfillment" are more than just words; they reflect our deepest desires. They remind us that every step we take, every day we get closer to our goals, counts.

Break the first trap of New Year's resolutions. I invite you to not only set your goals this year but to live them. Give them clarity, depth, and meaning. Make them your companions on your journey to a more fulfilled, happier you.

And always remember, every day you work on your goal is a victory. A victory over doubt and procrastination. One step closer to your true potential.

Together, we can break through the fog of am,biguity. Set goals that are clear, measurable and achievable. It's your life, your journey. Take it.


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