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Aum Mediatation – Special Workshop
Aum Mediatation – Special Workshop
This special workshop is about improving your posture while standing, sitting on a chair or meditating on a cushion. When: Tuesday, May 28 19:20: Learn posture, meditation & chanting (for beginners) — 21:00: Aum Chanting (with previous experience)
Bodymind Therapy

Why meditate

Regular meditation:

  • helps to "switch off" - relax

  • leads to more serenity

  • increases positive feelings

  • lowers blood pressure & and heart attack risk

  • reduces stress

  • improves sleep

  • promotes concentration

  • relieves pain

  • helps with mild depression and listlessness

Bodymind Therapy

Who is meditation suitable for?

With a few exceptions, meditation is recommended for everyone. Many people meditate unconsciously, "immersing themselves" in a particular thought, sensation, or activity.

Who should not meditate

Meditation is not recommended for:

  • severe depression

  • psychoses

  • certain types of epilepsy

  • Tendency to hypochondria


Bodymind Therapy

What do we offer


  • Information for beginners and seasoned practitioners with lots of practical tips.

  • Posture correction, breathing, and voice training

  • Well-founded practical meditation introduction by experienced meditation teachers and therapists.

  • Room for individual questions and difficulties.

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