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50 years oldDoctor of TCM  

Therapy: about 2 years

"After half a century in this world and more than 20 years as a therapist, I felt like I knew myself, the people around me and my patients.

I came to Enrico Fonte because of persistent back pain... the massages, which I experienced with unusual strength, confronted me with inner feelings that I had not been able to express until now. I've learned that my body stores these feelings, happy feelings as well as painful ones... until then I was disconnected from these feelings that affect me and my inner self. Enrico taught me to see them, to formulate them, to open myself to them. And that is still a painful and yet satisfying process today: being in contact with my feelings means everything to me. Enrico empathetically accompanies this learning process and the associated transformation of my self through all the ups and downs, he is always there for me and takes personal interest, we cried and laughed together, his acceptance encouraged me to keep going.

I'm still scared of the pain my body goes through mentally and physically during therapy, but I've learned to accept it and see the creativity in it. It takes me further, I discover new feelings, can assess what I have experienced and experience relaxation and well-being, self-love and self-care".

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