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39 years old, Visual Artist  

Therapy: about 3 years

"When I first met Enrico Fonte, I had almost 13 years of 'experience' using traditional psychotherapy to help overcome deep-rooted depression.


After so many years, I knew almost all of the causes and effects of my childhood trauma and I thought – I know myself very well. As a matter of fact, I knew myself in my head, with my brain.


Despite years of self-analysis, I couldn't change my self-destructive patterns. I felt hopeless, empty, paralyzed and my life felt meaningless.


When Enrico told me that his therapy was based on the work of the body, I thought: "What does the body have to do with my trauma and how does this resolve my problems?" Well here I have to thank my curiosity, because that was the boost I needed to try the therapy.


Each session whether massage, respiratory therapy or functional training was a journey through hidden feelings, past suffering and pain. Enrico helped me peel through my layers of rubble and masks built up over the years with great intuition, patience and knowledge. And where I thought there was only misery or an endless black hole, like a gifted locksmith, he opened interior doors and showed me the way through.

His humor, compassion and tenderness have supported and accompanied every step of my journey and given me the confidence and courage to go further in search of my true self.


In these years of therapy I have been confronted with my own illusions and past ghosts and have found a way to experience, accept and break free of this suffering. It helped me find my way back to my body , my feelings and back to life"

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