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54 years old, Engineer

Therapy: about 2 years

"I turned to Enrico Fonte when I was going through a deep personal and professional crisis. I felt exhausted and disoriented. The first experience of working with Enrico was surprising for me. Strong feelings were evoked in the massages. I felt immediately that these feelings reflected my deeper inner self, to which I no longer had access.

Unlocking these suppressed feelings initially creates constant resistance, physical pain and the emotional pain of self-denial. This path to myself, to my true feelings, was accompanied by Enrico with the greatest empathy and care. Doubts that reach you, thoughts of stopping everything, escaping the process are part of the path of transformation. As an 'encourager', Enrico guided me safely through theoretical explanations and his experiences in this transformation process through the eye of every needle. In the end you have to walk the path yourself.


Rediscovering one's own feelings, releasing one's body from rigidity creates moments of happiness and a regain of true self-confidence in the process, which makes it easier to jump over any cliff, no matter how high. I would not have mastered this path without the support of Enrico, who acts equally confidently on the physical as well as on the mental level and lives this therapy himself. But once you have felt the freedom of the new sense of self, the motivation to continue is unstoppable".

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