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Rebalance Your Body & Mind Through Psychosomatic Therapy Massage

Embark on a 2-hour journey, that goes beyond traditional massage and into the depths of your mind-body connection. Find relief from emotional and physical pain and uncover the layers of your inner self.

Your session will cover

Embark on a 2-hour transformative journey

Only €149


Valid only as initial treatment or consultation.
Limited time offer.


Guests with a history of surgeries, illnesses, medical conditions, allergies, or trauma should contact me beforehand.

Please note, that this treatment is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.

Enrico Fonte - Bodymind Therapy Berlin

About Enrico Fonte

Body Psychotherapy & Massage Therapy
Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Thanks to my training in body psychotherapy and massage therapy, I have specialized in guiding you toward a harmonious reconnection of your body and mind, enhancing your relationships with yourself and with others. My approach gently eases mental and physical stress, clearing away old patterns and limiting beliefs. This journey leads to a newfound sense of freedom, empowering you to live a more fulfilling life.

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