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More Effective & Professional in Your Massage Practice

Whether you're just starting your massage education or you're already a masseur/masseuse and want to brush up on your anatomy, our Basic Anatomy course will provide you with the essential anatomical knowledge that will make your practice and treatments more effective, safer, and professional.

Learn foundational and relevant anatomy with our practical, simplified approach. Our interactive and dynamic course makes learning anatomy informative, fun, and accessible.

5 & 6 October

Registration till 22.09

Weekend Course in Berlin
14:00 to 19:30 hrs

Incl. printed handbook
Teaching in English

Are you wondering whether this course is right for you?

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Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Individuals beginning a career as a massage therapist: This course provides exceptional preparation by equipping you with essential anatomical knowledge. With this course in your toolbox, you'll be able to focus and better understand the crucial practical aspects of your massage training.

  • Massage therapists who lack basic anatomy or want to refresh their knowledge. This course will increase your understanding, effectiveness, and professionalism in your practice and client care.

Anatomie lernen_Bodymind Therapy Berlin
Why learn anatomy... at all?
  • A solid understanding of anatomy is essential to ensure the safety of your clients. 

  • It will make your treatments more effective as you will be able to target specific muscles and adapt your technique to the individual needs of your clients. 

  • It's empowering! I will enhance your professional confidence and self-esteem, consequently strengthening the trust of your clients.

  • It will also allow you to communicate and collaborate with other healthcare professionals using the same anatomical language and to continue your education.

  • By mastering the basics of anatomy, you can improve the quality of your clients' care and their lives, better understand where the contraindications are, and refer them to experts.



What Enthusiastic Participants Say
Cristiana, Italy

"The course is really very interesting and very specific, very useful for those who already have a minimum knowledge of human anatomy, fundamental for those who are completely new to this type of training. Enrico is an excellent teacher, precise and clear in his explanations, very skilled at creating curiosity, interest and enthusiasm. His collaborators, Nora and Francisca, are equally competent and delightful. The space is extremely comfortable and located in a central and easily accessible area of ​​the city. Extremely recommended experience."

In this 2-day course, the following topics will be covered:

Understanding Anatomy

  • Significance and relevance of anatomy in non-medical healthcare practice

  • Learn anatomical terminology effectively

Key Terminology

  • Anatomical location

  • Anatomical planes (Sagittal, Frontal, Transversal)

  • Anatomical directions (e.g.: superior/inferior, anterior/posterior, medial/lateral)

  • Anatomical movements (e.g.: flexion/extension, adduction, abduction)

The Skeletal System & Major Bones

  • Overview of the Skeletal System and its functions

  • The major bones and their functions

The Joints

  • Overview of the structure of the synovial joint

  • The most important joints and their shapes (e.g.: ball joint, egg joint)

The Muscular System

  • The muscular system

  • Structure and function of skeletal muscles

  • Insertion and origin of the muscles

  • Muscle movements: agonist, antagonist, synergist

  • Types of muscle contraction: isometric, concentric, eccentric

  • Major muscles in the body

The Choice is Yours


The course includes:

  • A weekend of fun and interactive learning.

  • Learn together in a small, supportive group.

  • Color anatomy handbook with over 50 pages in English.

  • Certificate of Participation

Installment payment with PayPal possible.


Full Wellness Massage Training

Become a Wellness Masseur at a professional level

The pack includes the Anatomy Basics plus:

Wellness Massage Training:

  • 5 Sunday lessons within 5 months.

  • Printed workbook of the Wellness massage techniques in German, English, or Italian.

  • Marketing Basics: The knowledge you need to effectively market your massage practice and advance your career.

  • Final exam and certificate​


Wellness Massage Training booked individually costs: 599€ — Save 120€ with the Early Bird Anatomy Plus Wellness Pack!

Installment payment with PayPal possible.

Early Bird: 699€
Until August 4th

Standard: 779€

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