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Narcissism self-test: Am I narcissistic?

In today's fast-paced world, self-knowledge is a valuable asset. The key to this could lie in the perspectives of those close to us. Our narcissism self-test offers you the opportunity to gain an authentic picture of your personality by taking into account the perspectives of those closest to you. It is a simple yet profound approach to understanding yourself better.

Man proudly looking at his own image in the mirror.

Imagine you could see through the eyes of the people who know you best. What would they say about you? The narcissism self-test encourages you to do just that - either by imagining what your loved ones think about you or by asking them directly. Ask them questions like:

  • Do I often seek your approval and admiration?

  • Do I think I am more successful, talented, or capable than others?

  • Do I feel misunderstood or underestimated by others?

  • Do I find it difficult to understand the feelings of others?

  • Do I react with frustration or anger when others criticize me?

This process can be particularly revealing when it comes to "ego-dystonic narcissism". This means that a person's narcissistic characteristics do not match their own self-image. People often do not recognize these characteristics in themselves. It can therefore be very valuable to get the opinions of partners, ex-partners, friends, or family members. Their perspectives can show you aspects of your personality that may have remained hidden until now.

It's important to be open to their answers and not see them as a personal attack. They offer you valuable insights for your personal growth. By facing up to this feedback, you take an important step on the path to self-development and a deeper understanding of yourself.


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