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Light in the Darkness: A Journey of Resilience on December 25th

Every year, as December 25th approaches, we feel the warmth and joy of Christmas, which in the Christian tradition symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. But there is a deeper, often untold story of this special date, rooted in the pre-Christian traditions of Sol Invictus, the "invincible sun god".

Sol invictus in his chariot of light, passing through the darkness of the night.

The Deeper Meaning of Sol Invictus

In conversations with my clients, it is always important to recognize and celebrate the light in the darkness. This is exactly what the Cult of Sol Invictus did on December 25th. This day, which marks the winter solstice, symbolizes the moment when light begins to overcome darkness. This powerful image of hope and renewal reminds us of the importance of perseverance in difficult times. The sun god represented that inexhaustible source of life and energy that overcomes the challenges of the darker times.

Christmas: A Symbol of Hope

Christmas has a special place in the hearts of many of my clients. The overlap of Christian Christmas with the Sol Invictus Festival is no coincidence. It seems that Christian leaders deliberately chose December 25th to transform ancient traditions into a new message of hope: the birth of Jesus as a symbol of light overcoming the darkness of sin and death.

The Universal Message of Resilience

The story of December 25 teaches a universal lesson about resilience. In both the ancient tradition of Sol Invictus and the Christian celebration of Christmas, we find the consistent message of hope. These holidays remind us that life always finds ways to overcome darkness and challenges, leading us to a new, brighter morning.

In the stories of my clients, there are always examples of this resilience. So December 25th is a reminder of the unstoppable power of light and renewal that is deeply rooted in our hearts and in different traditions around the world. It is a time when all people are invited to reflect on the meaning of resilience and hope - values that unite us and help us see the light even in the darkest of times.


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