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Time management in everyday life: how to organise it wisely

The clock is ticking - but the control is yours

People often say "time is money", but we all know: Time is the heart of life itself. It slips away, yes, but how you use it is in your hands. You have the helm of your own time-ship in your hand.

eine Person, die auf einem Stuhl mit einem Laptop sitzt und arbeitet. Auf dem Boden ist eine Uhr gezeichnet, die zeigt, dass die Zeit tickt.

Have you ever heard of Elon Musk? He has as much time as you do. But their time is perfectly timed, down to the last minute. And no, he's not just busy, he's productive and gives time meaning. Ever wondered how time management works in everyday life?

Sarah, one of my patients and a single mother, felt like she was on a hamster wheel. Overworked and overwhelmed. But she dared to make a fresh start by getting her priorities straight. Her life has improved enormously since. You can do it too!

Oprah Winfrey is another great example of mindful time management. She starts the day with meditation and exercise, which opens up a space of clarity for the rest of the day.

Alex, another of my patients, was well on her way to burnout. But she found a way back into life by making small changes to her routine. Now she enjoys time with friends and family more than ever.

Efficiency is important, but it is nothing without self-love and self-care. Remember you are not a machine. You need time to recharge.

Maria, another of my patients, only realised this when she was on the verge of burnout. Now she takes the time she needs to really be there for herself.

Time as a treasure chest

Think of your time as a treasure chest filled with priceless moments. It gives you the chance to create a life full of meaning and joy.

20% of your activities generate 80% of your joy and success. Think carefully about how you invest your time to get the most out of your life.

Final thought: Your life does not wait

Time is more than a fleeting commodity; it is the essence of your life. Use it wisely and consciously. You can still turn it around, and the best time to do it is now.


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