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Identity and masks: The path to true self-discovery

In my practice, I come across many people who wear masks in their daily lives. These masks are like invisible shields designed to hide them from the world. But what happens when these masks offer more than just protection when they become part of our identity?

Several theater masks in different forms shapes and colors, expressing different emotions.

One of my patients, Alex, came to me because she felt empty and inauthentic in the midst of a successful professional life. Alex had learned to put on the right mask in every situation - that of the competent manager, the caring parent, the reliable friend. But behind these masks lay an insecurity, a fear of not being good enough.

This is the paradox of the mask: it can help us to move in the world, but it can also separate us from our true self. If we identify too much with our masks, we lose touch with what really defines us.

At the same time, I work with people like Jordan who show how self-confidence can spring from the depths of one's being. Jordan has learned to listen to her inner voice and not to the noise of the world. This self-confidence is like an anchor that gives Jordan stability in stormy times. It is not loud or intrusive but rests within itself - strong, calm, and steady.

Alex and Jordan's stories show that there is a way to shed the mask and strengthen your self-confidence. It is a path that requires courage, the willingness to question oneself, and to recognize that real strength comes from within.

In my work, I encourage people to consciously choose their masks and see them for what they are - tools that help us in everyday life but do not define our identity. It is a process that requires self-reflection and self-compassion.

The aim is to find a balance between the mask we wear in the world and our true self. It is about recognizing that true strength lies not in the applause of others, but in the calm certainty of who we really are - even when no one is watching.

The journey to self-discovery is an ongoing process that is not always easy. But it is worth it. Because at the end of the day, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is not external validation, but the inner certainty of our own strength and authenticity.


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