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Deep Anatomy Kurs_Bodymind Therapy Berlin
Master Precision & Expertise in Your Massage Practice

Our Deep Anatomy course is the ideal preparation for further training in Deep Tissue Massage. In our compact hands-on course, you will learn about the relevant deep skeletal muscles. This knowledge will enable you to increase your professionalism and improve treatment outcomes by addressing the individual needs of your clients with precision and expertise.

Our interactive and dynamic course makes learning anatomy informative, fun and accessible.

12 & 13 October

Registration till 29.09

Weekend Course in Berlin
14:00 to 19:30 hrs

Incl. printed handbook
Teaching in English

Are you wondering whether this course is right for you?

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for:

  • Masseurs who wish to further their education in Deep Tissue Massage: It provides excellent preparation by providing in-depth knowledge of deep skeletal muscle anatomy. With this course in your toolbox, you will be able to focus on and better understand the critical practical aspects of deep tissue massage training.

  • Masseurs who already have a basic understanding of anatomy and want to deepen their knowledge.  This course will increase your understanding, efficiency, and professionalism in your practice and client care.

Deep Anatomy Kurs_Bodymind Therapy Berlin
Why learn deep anatomy?
  • Improve effectiveness: With accurate knowledge, you can relieve your clients' deep-seated tension and pain in a more targeted way than with a general approach.

  • Improve client outcomes: Customized treatments based on deep muscle anatomy lead to faster and more lasting relief.

  • Avoid injuries: A proper understanding of anatomy reduces the risk of injury to you and your clients through targeted pressure.

  • Enhance your professionalism: A deep understanding of anatomy builds trust and credibility with your clients.

Deep Anatomy_Bodymind Therapy Berlin
Course content

In this 2-day course, the following topics will be covered:

Overview of the Deep Skeletal Muscles

  • Definition and classification

  • Structure and function

  • Alignment of the muscle fibers

Deep Muscle Groups

  • Major deep muscles of the body

  • Muscle insertion and origin

  • Main movement and function

Contraindications and Pathologies

  • Spinal pathologies

  • Common muscular dysfunctions

The Choice is Yours


The course includes:

  • A weekend of fun and interactive learning.

  • Learning together in a small, supportive group.

  • Color anatomy handbook with over 50 pages in English.

  • Certificate of Participation


Installment payment with PayPal possible.


Complete Deep Tissue Massage Training

Become a therapeutic masseur at the highest level

The pack includes the Deep Anatomy Kurs plus:

Deep Tissue Massage Training:

  • 5 Sunday lessons within 5 months.
    Start: Nov 2

  • Printed workbook of the Deep Tissue massage techniques in German, English, or Italian.

  • Marketing Basics: The knowledge you need to effectively market your massage practice and advance your career.

  • Final exam and certificate​


The Deep Tissue Training booked individually costs: 599€ — Save 120€ with the Early Bird - Deep Anatomy Plus Deep Tissue Pack!

Installment payment with PayPal possible.

Early Bird: 699€
Bis zum 4. August

Standard: 779€

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