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Body Psychotherapy

Bodymind Body Psychotherapy is an integrative form of energy and consciousness-oriented body therapy, psychotherapy, and personal development.

The focus is on the interrelationships between our body, mind, and soul and our relationships with ourselves, with others, and our environment.

Connections between muscular tension, vegetative reactions, beliefs, strained feelings, and their underlying mental and social conflicts are considered.  

Bodymind Body Psychotherapy training is broken down into 7 phases. Watch our phase-by-phase video series (in german) to get a better understanding of what's involved.  

Is body therapy not possible for you or inappropriate? This is not a problem! Read more about our Psychotherapy and Coaching.

* A free initial consultation is required for the first booking or session.

Bodymind Therapy


The goal is to find solutions on an individual and social level, to change blocking life patterns and to open up perspectives. This promotes autonomy and self-responsibility, creativity and love. New communication and life strategies are shown, personal relationships become loving and fulfilling.

Bodymind Therapy


This therapy is right for you if you:

  • live in Berlin.

  • want to get to know yourself deeply, on all levels of your being: physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • want to fall in love with your life again.

  • don't expect easy and quick solutions.

Bodymind Therapy


In addition to analytical discussions and coaching, we use various active and passive techniques. This includes the psychosomatic massage as well as bioenergetic expression and energy exercises.

Working with the inner dialogue (Gestalt / Internal Family System) as well as relaxation techniques, imagination and role-playing are used.

On the physical level, movement patterns and posture correction, communication, and body awareness training. On a spiritual level, becoming aware of needs, feelings, impulses and their expression in therapy and its transformative processes play a central role – all steps that bring you forward!

Success stories


54 years old, Engineer

Therapy: 2 years

"I turned to Enrico Fonte when I had a deep personal and professional crisis, I felt exhausted and disoriented, the first experience of working with Enrico was surprising for me. During the massages strong feelings were stimulated in me, which had remained hidden to me to that point. I immediately felt that these feelings reflected my deeper inner self, to which I no longer had access..." Read more
Bodymind Therapy Berlin
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